Thursday, August 25, 2016
By Tiny Wings Foundation
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The Tiny Wings Foundation Calendar Contest is in full swing!!

Newborn Portraits Only


As one of our fundraisers for Tiny Wings Foundation we have put together a calendar contest.

Why only newborn portraits? Christie Newell the founder of Tiny Wings Foundation has a very special place in her heart for those itty bitty babies. Newborn photography is also her specialty.

Click on the link below for contest rules.

Entry deadline is September 24!!

We can't wait to see all the amazing submissions!!

Good luck to everyone


If you would like to learn what Tiny Wings Foundation is all about please visit our website or our facebook page :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2016
By Tiny Wings Foundation
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WOW!! well right now we sit at a little under $17,000.00 worth of auction items for tomorrow and I have a few more trickling in still tonight. I am beyond belief just speechless right now. If you guys missed the auction link earlier today here it is again... go ahead and get your auction name and ready for tomorrow!!

Here is just a quick run through of people/companies that donated and are supporting Tiny Wings Foundation
Abie Straps
American Color Imaging
Melanie Anderson ringlight
Art by Cheri Fitzgerald Hammon
Barbara Breitsameter workshop and fine art print
Delta Girl Frames
George Wakefield
H&H Color Lab
Hand Crafted Framing
Heather Michelle
Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory
Joy Gerrits Vertz
Lori Nordstrom
Mimika Cooney
Custom Photo Props
Michelle Parsley
Professional Photographers of Iowa
Sandra Shaw Pearce
Richard Sturdevant
TAoPaN: The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn
Texas School of Professional Photography
Thom Rouse
Design Revolution~ Accessories for the Extraordinary Photographer

and of course a huge thank you to PPA Charities :)
Much love from the bottom of my heart for all of this!

Friday, April 29, 2016
By Tiny Wings Foundation
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Wings of Wisdom Marathon

My photography family has always been such a huge support in my business and personal life. Tiny Wings Foundation's first fundraiser is geared to my photography family. To come together and support each other. May 4th marks the day Karlie passed away 16 years ago. To celebrate her beautiful life we are putting on "Wings of Wisdom" marathon on Wednesday May 4th.

I am speechless looking at all the support we have already gotten. The stories that have been shared and the amount of people that have been affected from some kind of loss. The line up of amazingly talented ladies and the donations coming in for the online auction are unbelievable!!!

Join this group of educators on Wed May 4th for a full day of learning via Facebook Live! It's all free - just follow these photographer/speakers to get notifications on when they will be going live! We are raising awareness for theTiny Wings Foundation, so support a great cause and get your learn on, too! :)

All videos will be posted into the Tiny Wings FOundation facebook page for you to watch if you missed the live video

I am so excited to see what Ting wings Foundation has ahead 


Christie Kline 



Monday, April 25, 2016
By Tiny Wings Foundation
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Tiny Wings Foundation

Mending the hearts of families grieving pregnancy or infant loss